Look into Enterprise Mode for IE11. It's not a very well publicized feature, but it basically lets 11 emulate 8, and it does so very well. All of our 8 dependent intranet sites ran just fine on 11 Enterprise Mode. » 10/01/14 10:31am Today 10:31am

Now we just need a Lumia with an Intel Atom SoC and a lapdock-esque thing (Preferably with a better attachment point... slide under the keyboard, maybe? Something better than jutting out like that...), and my dream device will be a reality. » 9/30/14 1:55pm Yesterday 1:55pm

Very nice, Mercedes, but I think a wagon version would look better. I have gone through the trouble of computer rendering what it would look like. If you look carefully, you may be able to notice the subtle modifications: » 9/26/14 10:18am Friday 10:18am

Only if the lot rarely fills. If it's one of the lots that is frequently packed (Around here, that's approximately all of them), not even then. » 9/25/14 9:30am 9/25/14 9:30am